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Welcome to 3M Global Web-Design, an avenue for you as an Individual, Corporate Organization, N.G.O., Business Man/Woman, SME, Artist, etc to own a WEBSITE. It is an avenue for you to take your self, your business, and what you do to International Standard, going Globally.  

With the level of advancement of technology today, if your business is not taken globally or in other-words, if you don't have a Website for your business info then you are out of business. This is because businesses are being transacted more on-line these days compared to off-line form of transaction, making it easier for transacting business.

Also to gain more recognition of whatever you are doing, you need a WEBSITE to supply detailed information. You can easily refer anybody to your Website to get the full details of what you do.

Having a Website also save you the huge cost of having to pay huge sum of money for different form of advert (Such as TV, Radio, Paper, Bills, etc). You will soon find out that you will save 95% of the money you would have used for advertisement by just having a WEBSITE of yours for as low as NGN30, 000 only.

Remember! going Globally is what you need to Succeed in whatever you do and you will only achieve that by having a WEBSITE today!

Why You need a WEBSITE

  1. Promote Your Products
    A website allows you to showcase your products for everyone to see. You can explain the benefits, compare it with other products, or show testimonials of happy customers that already bought the product.

  2. Promote Your Services
    It is hard to showcase services in a store, or office. The web allows you to introduce the service, the professionals providing the service, and how several services can complement each other.

  3. Promote Your Organization
    People buy from people. People support organizations and causes that they believe in. A website is a fantastic tool to promote an organization and build trust – that is, if you do it right… A well-developed website can convey trust and credibility, making people to buy from you, or support you.

  4. Promote Your Ideas
    Political campaigns are now all over the web. A website can be a powerful way to promote your ideas, and build a following of like-minded people. Or you can just write online journals (“blogs”) to ventilate some of your thoughts and concerns.

  5. Promote Your Events
    Have a fundraising event? Want to promote your business with seminars, workshops or a tradeshow? You will increase awareness when you create a website for the event. Show dates, programs, prices and riving directions – to name but a few features that will be greatly appreciated by your target audience.

  6. Sell Your Events
    Want to take it a step further? You may even want to consider selling (or pre-ordering) tickets for your events on a website. Shorter line-ups, less expenses: it sounds like a good idea to me…

  7. Save Costs
    By integrating systems and automating certain tasks you may be able to actually save costs. For instance, by integrating your e-commerce website into your inventory and accounting systems. Build extranets to connect with suppliers and clients alike. You can provide downloadable documents on a website rather than mailing them out. The opportunities are endless.

  8. Offer Service 365/24/7
    This may not be of great value to you (it may even be a burden…), but to your customers it is very empowering and important. The Internet puts the web browser in control – and if you are not there, you will be more and more passed over in favour of an online competitor.

  9. Improve Branding
    Branding is a way to differentiate your product, service or company from its competition, and create loyalty. The content of a website, its style and tools such as newsletters allow for many ways to differentiate yourself, make the visitor feel good about you, and build loyalty. More worrisome: if you do not do this, a competitor may snatch not only your prospects sales, but also their loyalty away from you with their website! Eat, or be eaten!

  10. Reach A Local Market
    More and more people use locally defined keywords in the search engines, which indicates that they use the Internet do find local information. “Used cars Toronto” or “Guelph real estate” are obvious, but mentioning a website in a local ad may do wonders in terms of converting a reader into a customer.

  11. Reach A Regional Market
    A website is one of the easiest tools to expand your exposure into a wider geographical area. Want to move your business from just Fergus into the whole of Ontario? A website allows you to do that.

  12. Reach A National Market
    Political campaigns are just one example where websites are being used to service a National audience. Offering a National specific version of your product, such as, is another one. This allows you to offer information about specific national tax and delivery charges, or appeal to National pride.

  13. Reach A Global Market
    If your target audience is “the world” then you really need a website. But you knew that already, didn’t you ;o)

  14. Reach An International Market
    If you target specific International markets it may be highly effective to design dedicated websites for them. By targeting your US customers on a “,com” site while servicing your Canadian clients with a “.ca” site you are able to cater to the specific needs and expectations. It allows you to avoid confusion by separating different currencies, taxes, fees and prices onto different websites. You may even want to consider offering websites in different languages, such as a specialized “.nl” website, in Dutch, for your loyal customers in The Netherlands.

  15. Play With The Big Guys
    Many small companies successfully take on the big Guys. Websites can be relatively inexpensive (compared to running a brick-and-mortar store), and with proper usability and search engine optimization your website can be as good as your larger competitors, or even better!

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